This is the masters project I did for the MA Digital Effects. This project shows the transformation of a common girl into a fairy, with the magic of a necklace. The aim of this scene was to create a particle system wrapping the real life actress and create the wings. Besides creating the 3D assets, the acquisition and integration were crucial to create the piece.

The software used for this video: Houdini and Nuke.

The following video shows the making of Transformation.



In the middle of the desert a cube made of mirrors is floating. The lights coming from the inside of the mirror open a portal to another dimension. On the other side a city emerges: An old neighbourhood with the skyscrapers of the financial district behind.

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Submerged living room

When floods come, there is no time to pick up anything. Everything remains untouched. All the personal belongings are left behind, abandoned in the sinking homes. With the passage of time, all these items begin to decompose until they vanish. However, one of the last things disappearing are the shoes.

Based on that idea, this project shows two vintage shoes sinking in a submerged living room. The jewels of the shoes glow while casting colourful lights onto the furniture. The scene is illuminated with a spotlight which creates caustics and cathedral rays, simulating a real underwater environment. The scene is finalised with sand particles and bubbles footage creating the illusion of underwater elements.


Languages of the world

There are more than 6000 languages in the world, but only the 4% of those languages are spoken by the 97% of the planet’s population. I’m inside that number, because my mother tongue is Spanish, one of the world’s most spoken language. However, I’m also in the other one, because my second language is Basque.

Fifty  years ago this language was almost dead, but now it has recover and we are about one million of proud speakers.

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