I’ve Come to Visit… Antzuola

One of this years main project has been the recording of a TV show. The local telebision Goiena wanted to broadcast a show about the 9 towns from the valley where the University is located.

My team got Antzuola, and this is the result (In Basque):

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Advanced Edition Class

This are the videos we made in Advanced edition class. Most of them are individual works (individual edition), however, there is one team work, the transformation of our university in Hogwarts.  Continue reading

Traditional Animation

In Our animation subject they taught us how the traditional animation is made. So as an exercise to learn better how the characters are animated, we did a step cycle.

It is calculated that one step takes about 10 pictures. That way, when you put those 10 frames in a loop, it seems that the character is walking. Then you only have to move the background. Continue reading

Baga Biga Higa

Last year we had a subject called “Educative TV programes. There, as final task we had to create a programe with those characteristics. In a group of 6 (Adrian Alonso, Leire Bergara, Elena Canans, Asier Errasti, Olaia Iraola and me) we created a reality show where the main objective was to know more about Basque mythology. Continue reading

“Beltzean Mintzo” documentary film

In our Audiovisual communication degree, in the 3rd course we always have to do internships is companies or organisations.

I had the opportunity to work in GARABIDE, a nongovernmental organisation that promotes linguistic cooperation. The main job I did there was the editing of “Beltzean mintzo” (Voices in the dark). I also designed the poster for the presentation tour and the final memory of the year.

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