Languages of the world

There are more than 6000 languages in the world, but only the 4% of those languages are spoken by the 97% of the planet’s population. I’m inside that number, because my mother tongue is Spanish, one of the world’s most spoken language. However, I’m also in the other one, because my second language is Basque.

Fifty  years ago this language was almost dead, but now it has recover and we are about one million of proud speakers.

Why I’m writing this? Because in the world many languages are in the same situation my language was fifty years ago, or even worse. And this year I had the chance to travel to two of those areas where they are trying to recover their native languages.

For my  End of Degree Assignment I went to Colombia and Ecuador, with my other two classmates,  to record a documentary film about the recovery of Nasa Yuwe (Colombia) and Kichwa (Ecuador). The project is still in postproduction, but during our time there we had the chance to take some pictures, which I edited with photoshop.

(Click to see the album)Montañita 1

We were also interviewed by a local newspaper while we where there (in Spanish). And when we came, Goiena TB made us a report (in Basque):



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