I’ve Come to Visit… Antzuola

One of this years main project has been the recording of a TV show. The local telebision Goiena wanted to broadcast a show about the 9 towns from the valley where the University is located.

My team got Antzuola, and this is the result (In Basque):

My main role was delegate of the group, so I was the one going to the meetings and keeping in touch with the other groups (even if we were free to do our own episode, the whole show had to have some things in common). However, we all took part in the preproduction, shooting and post production (with Adobe Premiere).

Team members: Asier Fernandez, Garbiñe Maza, Nerea Medina and Sara Mijangos.

Beside being the delegate of my group, I also was in the graphics team as main coordinator (with the help of Jon Campo and Enaitz Gorospe). We were the responsables of creating the opening intro, the logo, the low thirds and the template for the promo. The program I used to create the intro and the low thirds is After Effects. And Enaitz created the logo with Photoshop. We had to do one intro for each program, because of the changeing names. This is my episode’s promo (with english subtitles):


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