Baga Biga Higa

Last year we had a subject called “Educative TV programes. There, as final task we had to create a programe with those characteristics. In a group of 6 (Adrian Alonso, Leire Bergara, Elena Canans, Asier Errasti, Olaia Iraola and me) we created a reality show where the main objective was to know more about Basque mythology.

The creation of this program had different parts, one of which was recording a Teaser Trailer.

After that, we recorded the 0 program. In this one, besides being an actor, I did most of the editing with Premiere:


As it can be seen, the intro is an animation, also created by us. In our after effects course, an other team (Elena Canas, Ainara Menoyo, Nagore Olmos and me) We created this animation using After effects and Photoshop. Even if I had a little help I mainly did the first two sequences.


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